Writing essays moves me from experience to understanding. Navigating this journey on the page helps me makes sense of my life, and hopefully, nudges my readers toward their own epiphanies. I’ve honed my approach over the years and nearly every essay I’ve penned has been published—and two garnered “honorable mention” awards in the American Society of Journalists and Authors personal essay category. I adapted a third, Bunco!, into a screenplay. If you’re interested in optioning the rights, let’s talk.


“Life After Almost Death: A glimpse of the other side transforms lives”


May 2016

On a sunny April afternoon in 2013, while my dad was driving home after work, a 26-year-old man in a Toyota Camry broadsided him. The impact sent my dad’s Cadillac careening …


“Fired Up: The neuroscience of reconnecting with an ex”


April, 2017

When I arrived at the wine bar, there was only one open table — dimly lit and intimate. The booze, music and candlelight felt like a callback to our first kiss 15 years before…

“A Labor to Love: The quest for a natural birth”


April 2015

I desperately wanted to experience natural childbirth, and I wasn’t going to let me C-section scar—or my doctpr’s policy—stop me…

The Angel Next Door, Good Housekeeping, August 2016

“The Angel Next Door”

Good Housekeeping

August 2016

My sneakers struck the pavement at a steady pace as I ran through the streets of my neighborhood. It was 6 pm, prime time for people to be returning home from work…


“Being Sentenced To Bed Rest For 2 Months Saved My Marriage”


December 16, 2015

I was on lock-down, but I’ve never felt more loved. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys, my husband Brandon and I danced…

“Declaring War on the Thumb Leaves Battle Scars”

New York Times “Motherlode”

July 20, 2015

A few months ago, I left the pediatrician’s office feeling as though I failed my children—and myself. With a new baby at home, my husband Brandon and I had become…


“Charlie and Me”

Purple Clover

November 16, 2014

When my husband Brandon and I take a walk, I hold Charlie’s leash. I feed him, stroke his belly and give him treats. But Brandon is his hero. When he leaves…

Spirituality & Health

“The Accidental In-Law”

Spirituality & Health

March-April 2014

I woke at 6 a.m. and started cooking: spinach and mushroom quiche, bacon-egg scramble, even chocolate-dipped strawberries. What if they don’t like the food?…


“Learning to Breathe”

The New York Times

September 28, 2017

When my third child was born, I felt extraordinary joy watching him turn from blue to pink in my arms — me holding my breath as he took his first…


“The Legend of Mujadara”

Table Matters

January 31, 2013

Growing up, my two sisters and I chanted loudly for foods most kids would grimace at. Lima beans in a stew of tomato paste and water…

The Life You Save, Notre Dame Magazine, Winter 2008-2009

“The Life You Save”

Notre Dame Magazine

Winter 2008-2009

It was a warm Easter Sunday. Steve and I walked along the boardwalk in our flip-flops, stopping at an outdoor café for mimosas. We breezed through the awkward conversations…

Being Touched, O The Oprah Magazine, October 2009

“Being Touched”

O The Oprah Magazine

October 2009

I sat on the counter in a frilly pink dress, my hair in two pigtails. The smell of warm corn tortillas and sweet butter wafted under my nose. Burt turned away from the stove…

Newsweek, April 2009

“The Other Love of His Life”


April 2009

When I woke up to my boyfriend’s kisses on a warm morning in July, I felt guilty. It was her birthday. And I was in her house. With her husband. In her bed…


“Take a Bath with a Stranger?”

The Los Angeles Times

June 5, 2008

A dozen candles illuminated the bathroom with a soft glow — just enough light to see the bubbles and my glass of wine…

Friendship, Advice and a Roll of the Dice, Newsweek 2006

“Friendship, Advice and a Roll of the Dice”



It was 11:30 on a school night and my mother and her friends were keeping me up. Again. the women—with their Farrah Fawcett hairstyles…

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