The next class will begin on May 2, 2016


DURATION: 6 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this comprehensive six-week course you'll learn the essentials of writing essays that sell. Unlike service stories, which typically shun self-expression, essays give writers an opportunity to share their personal experiences and perceptions of the world. This satisfying genre requires an open heart, a reflective spirit and a thick skin. Sessions will cover how to find your story and speak your truth, the art of journal writing (and how it helps uncover stories), the critical elements of a salable essay, the value (or not) of critiques, rewriting your essay, and the specifics of pitching and submitting essays. You will also learn how to make your essays sing by finding your own personal style and voice. At the end of the course you will know how (and where) to pitch your essays - and how to make sure they sell.

Wondering about the difference between the basic and premium versions? Students in the premium course will receive detailed critiques on two completed essays, as well as feedback on all homework assignments. Premium students will also participate in an online forum, allowing them to interact with other students and critique other writers' work. Basic students will receive the course materials only - this version is best for writers who are self-motivated and who shy away from group interaction.

COST: $250 for the Premium version with six weeks of e-mail support. $125 for the Basic version with no e-mail support.

Essay Writing Class